ESOP is a nonprofit HUD-approved housing and financial counseling agency. Our team of financial counselors, coaches, and trainers are specially trained to help you reach your financial and housing goals.

Sustainable homeownership is the bedrock of a strong community. Helping families afford to purchase and maintain a home for the long-term is what we do. Our programs are aimed at giving potential and long-time homeowners the education, tools and opportunity to make good financial decisions thereby enabling them to become or remain stable members of our community, preventing vacant homes and blight that impact all of us. Since 2005 we've helped more than 35,000 homeowners across Ohio save their homes from foreclosure.

ESOP staff helps adults in all stages of life achieves and maintain financial wellness and housing stability. Whether you’re a young adult just starting out or you’re an older adult trying to keep the home you’ve lived in for years, ESOP provides free services to give you the knowledge and tools for financial stability and to maintain affordable home ownership.

ESOP is a subsidiary of the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging.

Affordable Homeownership Initiative

If you want to buy a home but need a little help getting started or finishing the process we're here to help. ESOP offers free services to anyone, especially low-to-moderate income individuals and families who want to buy a home, ranging from homebuyer education to post-purchase counseling.  The goal is to help make home ownership affordable, sustainable and available to more members of our community.

Senior Financial Empowerment Initiative

If you’re 55 or older we have specific services geared to helping you make good financial decisions and maintain financial stability as you age; empowering you to age in place with a more secure financial future.

Financial Advocacy

ESOP uses the practical experience gained from helping homeowners and puts it to use in advocacy efforts.  We urge local, state and national officials to implement common sense financial standards and regulations that give everyone fair access to credit, housing and financially stable communities.